There are stories that are starting and ending, however Zito Luks is a story, which, thanks to its loyal customers, exists for many years, and a story that every day, with its freshly baked bread and with every new product launched on the market is continuing to be told again and again.


In 2019, your favorite soft cookies expanded as individual 45g packs. Ideal for a delicious snack of three chocolate variants.


The 2018 cookies category has a new identity. Fresh young look for the tastiest cookies on the market under the Just2Good brand.

Chocolate cookies, filled sandwich biscuits and soft cookies are part of the Just2Good brand portfolio.


70 years of love and dedication to satisfy consumer desires. We believe that a lot of hard work stand behind every superb product.  That way we at Zito Luks are sure that all families have only the best at their table.

2016, a new anniversary love is born in the Zito Luks Family. The new product category has brought a rush of sweet delight. This new sweet wave of BISCUITS comes in many different flavors and shapes.


In 2001 the Zito Luks” ownership structure is completely changed, and new strategic investor is the International Group of Companies Elbisco Holding S.A. with possession of 53,7% of Zito Luks shares. Elbisco group accepts the basic activity of the company’s with commitment to further develop and modernize.


Starting from 1991 with the Transformation law, Zito Luks is registered into AD Zito Luks with combined ownership. But in 1995 starts the complete privatization and the company continues to work as AD Zito Luks in private ownership.


In the year of 1986 integration happens between Zito Luks and Zito Skopje, Vanila and Glorija, into MPI Zito Makedonija, in which composition works until 1989.


The Zito Luks brand is born in 1976, when it is found in RO Zito Luks – Skopje. The profile is production and trade of bread, bakery products, burek, and trade with milk products, meat products and canned meat, fish and vegetable, sugar and products from sugar, alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks, flour and biscuits.


In the year of 1970 Luks is attached to RO Zito Makedonija, and considering that RO Zito Makedonija was united with milling industry their preoccupation was production and trade of flour, bread, baking products and burek.


Granap was a company for production and trade of bread and baking products. Later on Granap is divided into two corporations Zito leb and Klas, with the same profile – production and trade of bread and baking products. This goes on up to 30.04.1958, but on 1st of May 1958, these two companies united under one name Luks, for production of bread, bakery products, burek and placement in own shops – kiosks


Everything begun in the year of 1946 when with the decree from the Government of Republic of Macedonia from several existing private companies is formed Granap Corporation. This is the point where nowadays Zito Luks AD Skopje was born.