Here at Zito Luks, these are the people who with their innovative and creative approach are always ready to explore the unknown to meet the needs of our customers.
That is why our company focuses on increasing our staff’s potential through appropriate educational tools and online programs. In that way we upgrade and develop the business model and at the same time expand the knowledge and horizons with innovative techniques and methods.
A company is as good as its staff is. Therefore, at Zito Luks, we endevour to recruit and retain only the best people.


Vladimir Dimitrievski

Vladimir Dimitrievski

Procurement Officer

My task as a procurement officer is to maintain all machines and all production equipment in good condition and in function. Most of our machines are lines purchased from abroad and have long delivery times for spare parts. Any intervention around them must be done quickly because the production of bread is a daily process that does not suffer from delays and interruptions, therefore it is necessary to coordinate with the entire bread production process, and with the flour and mill department. With 12 years of experience in this work, I think it is necessary to daily monitor the ordered parts, communicate with the departments in the company, and most of all with the production part. In addition to internal communication, my work includes communication with foreign companies, freight, DHL, Express Mail, as well as all activities related to fast delivery and assembly of necessary parts. Ours is a closed bread and flour production process which includes a huge number of activities and each part must be in good condition for everything to function smoothly and the production to be successful.

Forecasting is a key part of our job. In our sector we are constantly struggling with time, but forecasting is not always possible. Fortunately, we are accustomed to this, so dealing with a variety of situations on a daily basis is hardly surprising.

Tanja Kormushoska

Tanja Kormushoska

Supervisor of quality control and quality assurance

I have been working as a quality control and quality assurance supervisor for 18 years – a job I love very much. Therefore, I can freely say that in Zito Luks we do not compromise on quality in any part of our work.

The quality control process takes place in several stages: input, process and output control of all product parameters. My work tasks include quality control of work processes, control of products and raw materials, inspection of the finished product, as well as giving recommendations for improvement in all critical points of the work. Through the control of resources and raw materials, preventive action is taken. The inspection of the finished product is another control point in order not to place on the market a product that on any grounds does not meet our standards.

Our department also take care of proper operation in accordance with the implemented standards of operation in Zito Luks such as ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 22000, B – integrated permit for environmental protection, and we are currently preparing for the implementation of the International Standard for food safety.

Zharko Bogoev

Zharko Bogoev

Sales countryside supervisor

I have been working as a bread sales supervisor for more than six years, but not a single day is the same as the day before. We start the day with a short coordination meeting where we agree with colleagues on the tasks to be accomplished during the day. Sales are monitored daily, payments are controlled, reports are prepared, sales estimates and forecasts are made. We communicate on daily bases with several departments such as the Marketing Department to coordinate activities, with the production part where based on our estimates for future sales the production plan is made and with the distributors, ie with the people who are our extended arm, but also a mirror on the market.

In addition to all the activities in the office, we are on the field every day, both inside and outside Skopje, in order to see how the promotional activities are implemented, what the competition does, but also to help our sales colleagues who are in the field every day.

We have a really great sales team. All 5 colleagues suppport and help each other. If a problem arises somewhere, we work as a team to solve the problem, often sharing personal experiences.

I can say that Zito Luks are definitely market champions with distribution and representation everywhere, with the quality of the bread, the marketing activities and the large selection of products. All these qualities enable quick entry into any market and great sales. This shows that Zito Luks successfully works for the end customer to be satisfied.

Slavica Kutanoska

Slavica Kutanoska

Product manager

Marketing, what?

I do not believe that there is a marketer who has not faced the following question: “And what do you do?” Or “What are your responsibilities?” Ugh … after a question like this there is always a short break because the answer is too complex to fit together in one sentence.

Maybe a little pretentious, but I often like to say that marketing is a mini-management of a company.

To work in marketing, in short, means to keep all the strings tight together. Research, planning, strategy creation and execution, budget management, knowledge of the concept of return on investment, new ideas, development of new products, competition, cooperation with other sectors … this whole series would have no significance without the consumer. If we are guided by the motto that the consumer is always right, even when he/she is wrong, one should listen carefully to what he/she has to say, to satisfy, but also to exceed his/her expectations.

Today the consumer speaks louder than ever thanks to new technology and the concept of social media. Unfortunately, bad news spreads faster in the virtual world than good news. One of the biggest challenges for anyone working in marketing is the skill of using the tools of the marketing mix. Marketing must know how to carry the spirit of vision, so we continue to closely monitor the changes in the market, the consumers, trying to make a beautiful story for each product.

Darko Dejanoski

Darko Dejanoski

Production manager

Why Zito Luks, because quality is the foundation of our brand.

I remember, 24 years ago, when the first grade teacher took us to visit the production plant of Zito Luks in Avtokomanda, the smell and taste of hot bread is still etched in my memories, as a pleasant childhood memory. Who would have thought that after so much time, the very essence of my memory would be part of my professional everyday life.

Flour + water + yeast + salt. A simple formula for getting the most common product on the table of every family. However, the basis of each of the four ingredients that seem so pure and simple, is a complex technological production process.

For those who know and practice it, the flour-making process is an art, a skill that requires knowledge and dedication. The complexity of the process itself offers endless opportunities for continuous improvement of the quality of the current range of flours with various purposes offered by our company, as well as opportunities for development of new types of flour depending on market needs, following modern trends in the food industry.

The key word in that whole story is quality.

Starting with the quality of the basic raw material in the production process – wheat, the quality of modern equipment we use, the quality and knowledge of our staff to the quality of the final product. Quality is the foundation of our brand.

The individual cannot survive in production. The fact that I work daily with quality and professional staff, be it our technologists, millers, maintenance, laboratory staff, packers, colleagues from other sectors and of course, with great support from the management team, contributes to a much easier and more productive management of work ultimate goals – continuity and promotion of the highest quality standards based on the Zito Luks brand.