We are proud that despite all the challenges this year, we will implement a major investment of modernization of the production which means full digitalization and automation of the distribution of flour in the bread factory.

Technical system that will be implemented is one of the most modern systems available now days on the market in EU. This will enable safe and sustainable busines continuation with increased system efficiency and flexibility in production of different type of breads.

In the past 10 years the company has made several significant investments. Namely, we  invested in a new production line, which increased the degree of automation of the toast and rusk production process and at the same time increased the production capacity of these two groups of products. Additionally, as a significant investment in equipment we single out the investment in the line for pasteurization of breads and the benefits are as follows: meeting the needs for increased production of pasteurized breads, increased shelf life of products without preservatives, stable and controlled quality.

The goal of the company is to develop further, introducing new products, meeting the needs of consumers while serving it’s social responsibility role. Namely, during the crisis with COVID, one of the priorities of the company is to help socially disadvantaged groups of citizens. As part of its social responsibility policy, we made product donations to several associations, institutions and organizations to help and support the most vulnerable categories. 

In this period, the commitment of the employees of Zito Luks is extremely important, who have shown readiness to respond to all challenges. Precisely because of their commitment, the company has shown that even in extraordinary circumstances, quality and the consumer remain a priority.