With 4 scholarships at the Faculties of Nutrition in Veles and Bitola, Zito Luks started helping students who want to learn about nutrition, healthy eating habits and quality product. Elena Velkovska and Slavjanka Petrova, students at the Faculty of Nutrition in Veles, together with Konstantina Karamitrovska and Martina Gjorgjiovska from the Faculty of Nutrition in Bitola are the four future nutritionists whose study fees are covered Zito Luks.

The connection of these two faculties with Zito Luks is a long-term cooperation between these institutions. Lectures, educational tours, exchange of ideas, will be just part of the activities, where all students will participate and will be able to implement knowledge in a practical way. “I am pleased that every year the number of students who want to study at these faculties is increasing. “I am even more pleased and happy that there are companies like Zito Luks that believe in the potential of young people and selflessly help those students to gain opportunity and greater motivation during their studies, to achieve what for them is knowledge and a future profession.” said the dean, prof. Dr. Dragan Damjanovski.