1. Why some breads of Zito Luks last longer?

  • The range of breads Zito Luks contains several categories of breads. Besides daily (traditional breads) Zito Luks offers also breads with extended freshness:
    • White sliced bread with extended freshness
    • Breads of various grains – Graham, Bavaria, Nordic Nutri bread with sunflower seeds
    • Toast bread – White toast bread, Corn toast bread, Toast bread with a mix of grains, Wheat toast bread, Wholegrain toast bread, Brioche and Milk toast bread, Mediterano with olives,  Mediterano with sesame, Mediterano with tomatoes, Nutri 100% wholegrain toast bread

These breads have extended freshness thanks to the process of pasteurization. Pasteurization, that is the method increasingly used is a thermal process that destroys microorganisms in food, pathogen bacteria and reduces the pathogen enzyme activity in the product. Such exposure of the product to a controlled heat provides continuing freshness and durability of the product in a natural way without the use of preservatives while not changing the composition, flavor and nutritional value of food. After baking, the bread is cut, then packaged and exposed to a so called repeated thermal treatment at an appropriate temperature, at a specified interval.

Detailed and visual explanation of the process of pasteurization can be found here.

2. Do you use preservatives in the bread with a longer shelf life?

No, breads of  Zito Luks do not contain preservatives.

3. Does your bread portfolio have breads made from ground whole grains?

(Names of breads  are links to the presentation of each product separately, nutritional tables)

4. Do you add food coloring in integral breads?

No. Coloration is a result of the raw materials.

5. Do you have a gluten-free bread?

  • The idea is being considered and as soon as we identify the opportunities in the market, we will certainly expand our portfolio with gluten-free bread. Currently the portfolio of breads of Zito Luks does not include gluten-free bread.

Thank you for your interest.

6. Where can we find information about the nutritional value of your products?

  • On all our products, declarations include nutritional tables that are analyzed by the appropriate authorized laboratories in our country.



1. What is gluten?

  • Gluten (from Latin gluten, “glue”) is a protein found in wheat and other related grains like barley, rye and oats and processed foods from the same grains. Gluten gives elasticity to the dough and helps it raise and obtain form and texture. Some people are sensitive to gluten due to problems with digestion. Food allergies to wheat and gluten intolerance are two different things.

2. Do you add artificial gluten to the flour?

  • No, not a single flour of Zito Luks for domestic use has any added ingredients.

3. How to recognize a quality flour?

  • The brand of the flour is the best lead to the quality of the flour and of course  the experience in preparing in various specialties.