The company Zito Luks AD Skopje is confirming its status as a leader in the milling and bakery industry in Macedonia on a daily basis, that through its work and the top-quality products. The biggest producer of bread and flour for 68 years now is demonstrating great dedication and customer care, continuously incorporating new trends in the food industry. Due to its attributes, such as stability, innovation and focusing on the needs of the customers, Zito Luks is a company, which sets new standards in the production programs, offering on the market rich assortment of products.

  • 68
    years of existence
  • 50000
  • 5
  • 3000
    clients on
    daily basis

The International group of companies Elbisco SA Greece is a strategic investor in Zito Luks AD from 2001 and it owns 55.47% from the company’s stocks.

The rich selection of Zito Luks’ products, made from high quality and natural ingredients, for nearly seven decades is an inseparable part of the everyday life of the numerous customers. The constant incorporation of the newest and the best technology enables Zito Luks to offer its customers tasty, healthy and quality food, which satisfies even the most specific requests. In order to respond to these demands, the company has a modern mill with a capacity of 50.000 tons and 5 bread production lines. At the same time, Zito Luks is the first company from the food industry that got an ISO 22000:2005 certificate for quality and safety, with an incorporated HACCP standard.

For Zito Luks to be the biggest bred producer in Macedonia, a daily contribution is being made by our 400+ employees, who are outstanding in their skills, training in the secrets of the baking and their dedication towards the work. The tasty breads and the high quality flour are a result of the innovation and the creativity of our team, the constant following of the new trends in the healthy diet, the needs of the modern person, but also the traditional tastes that this company is following from its very beginning.

Zito Luks is serving more than 3000 clients every day with tasty and fresh quality breads, through its well-organized distributive network, which, as a result of the continuous progress in 2011 was expanded on the Serbian and the Kosovo market, also.

Apart from the numerous successes and the fact that our products are the first choice of many families, Zito Luks considers its biggest achievement the constant active contribution in the improvement of the lives of the citizens through its campaigns, donations and humanitarian actions, for which it has received a number of gratitude. We are constantly trying to be a socially responsible company that offers help to the ones that need it the most, because we firmly believe that the given hand is the one that gives the best and the most noble results in return.

We will continue to lead in accordance to the premise that the recognition, the value and the success of a brand are a result of professional working, maintaining of high quality and above all, preparedness to answer to even the most specific demands of the customers for healthy, tasty and quality food