Board of Director

Dimosthenis Ramantanis (President and Managing Director of Zito Luks/CEO of ELBISCO)

20 years of professional experience in the food sector, of which 7 in Marketing and Sales and 13 in top management positions. He contributed successfully in a major acquisition in the Greek food sector and led 2 success stories: Delta Dairy in Bulgaria and Zito Luks SA Skopje. He holds a BSc in Economics at the University of Athens and an MBA from St. John’s University in New York.

George Vassilakis

George Vassilakis was born in 1970. He graduated in 1993 from Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences in Athens and holds a BSc in Economics. He is a senior financial professional, having over 20 years of extensive local and international experience.

Emilija Dubardzieva Member of the Managing Board, responsible for HR affairs

Emilija Dubardzieva graduated from the Faculty of Psychology in Skopje and specialized in HR development at the Institute of Economics in Zagreb, Croatia. She completes the post-graduate studies in HR Management at the Institute of Sociological, Political and Juridical research, Skopje. She spends twenty two years of her professional career holding positions of an Industrial psychologist, Senior HR officer and Human resources specialist in Ohis AD Skopje. Since March 2005, she has been employed at Zito Luks AD Skopje as an HR & Administration Manager and as of September 2005, she is a member of the Managing Board, responsible for HR affairs.

George Nikiforidis, Board Member, financially manager “Zito Luks” AD Skopje

George Nikiforidis was born in 1978. Since Avgust 2016 he is Vice-president of the Management Board and Deputy General Manager of ZITO LUKS AD Skopje. He graduated in 2002 from the University of Economic and Political Science in Thessaloniki and in 2003 obtained the title Master of Finance at the Glasgow University. He has 13 years of experience in several Greek and international companies. He is a member of many accounting associations.

Vassilios Birmpilis, Board Member, manager of production “Zito Luks” AD Skopje

Vassilios Birmpilis was born in 1952. He graduated in 1974 at the Athens University of Economics and Business. He has 27 years of experience in management positions, as head of the factory and procurement manager in several Greek companies.

Natasa Cerekovikj Member of the Managing Board, responsible for commercial and technical affairs

Natasa Cerekovikj graduated from the Faculty of Economics – Department of Management. Her professional career began in the Construction Company “Granit”- Skopje, as a Project designer. Since 2005 she has been working at Zito Luks S.A. first at position Cabinet Assistant and later, in 2006, she was promoted into a Manager for Technical Affairs, and since 2007 she has been at the position of Sales Manager. As of 2009, she is a member of the Managing Board, responsible for commercial and technical affairs.